Payment Methods

Paypal/ Credit card (All over the world):

We accept VISA , Master, Paypal,all pay thur Paypal Inc. We guarantee the process save and fast, and we will not record any of your information.


Bank Transfer (Only for Hong Kong):

You can use bank transfer. You only need to choose this option when you process the checkout. Please settle the bill and submit the payment slips to us within 3 working days.


FPS Service (Only for Hong Kong):


Please send the bill amount to our registered mobile number: 852-66046970


Payme (Only for Hong Kong):


Registered Number: 852-66046970
** Since the transfer limit was exceeded, we don't accept Payme collection


Alipay/ Wechat:

We accept both HKD and RMB for bill collection via Alipay and RMB collection for Wechat Pay.

Alipay (HKD): 852-66046970
Alipay (RMB): Please contact us
Wechat Pay (RMB): Please contact us


Method to submit Bank payment slips:

Once transfer is made, you may send the bank slip to us via your registered account at our website/  Whatsapp/ Facebook Inbox.