Refund Arrangement

Under this circumstances, Happimami will arrange refund:
1. Paid pre-product is out of stock
2. Any postal fee occurs due to exchange product (please refer to exchange & return policy)
3. Customer paid extra mistakenly (only for amount over HK$10)

Further explanation for pt3:
1. If customer paid extra but under HK$1, we will not arrange refund, customer please pay attention.
2. If customer paid extra which between HK$1-10. We will save as store credit for next purchase use. Customer also needs to put on remark on next purchase.
3. If extra paid amount over HK$10, we will arrange refund.

Refund arrangement:
Customer must provide the bank account info and full register name which he/ she made the payment originally. If paid by credit card/ paypal, we will refund back to credit card/ paypal account directly. Refund will take around 7-14 business days.